Montessori Subscription Box

Montessori Subscription Box For Different Age Levels

The Maneus offers a Montessori subscription box-based, comprehensive, and authoritative Montessori toy curriculum, proven by more than many years of use in classrooms worldwide. 

Level 1 :

0-3.5 months old

Level 1 trains your child’s apparent skills, motor construction, intensity, physical coordination, physical awareness, and strength from birth.


Involved in:


  • A wooden adjustment gym designed to hang Montessori mobiles and toys at appropriate heights to entertain your child.
  • Classic 4 Classic Montessori Mobile for your child’s visual skills and focus.
  • Reaching, understanding, and kicking toys to build strength and motor skills.
  • Two beats are perfect for your baby’s hands.

Level 2 :

For ages 4 – 6.5 months 

Level 2 helps your child master and master their hands and core.


Involved in:


  • A wooden book for learning early language and literacy.
  • Nine unique flags that strengthen your child’s grip, hand-eye coordination, and physical control.
  • A set of 24 pieces of wood of different sizes for your child to understand helps promote local awareness.
  • Dining set, which encourages eating confidently and freely.

Level 3 :

For ages 7 – 10.5 months

Level 3 supports your child’s development movement as they develop cognitive skills.


Involved in:


  • Spinning drum that creates harmony and strength in the eyes of the hands.
  • A colorful and rhythmic rolling drum that stimulates curiosity and movement.
  • A basket of four balls with different textures, weights, and rolling speeds.
  • Object Permanent Cell, a huge problem-solving challenge.
  • A Monte Kids swinging sticker, designed to help your child’s little fingers understand.
  • A collection of suitable puzzles in 3 shapes in egg, cube, and spherical shape.

How It Works

Pick your plan

Tell us your child’s age (or due date) so we can tailor your box. Our boxes are designed for children ages 0-4.

We Build Your Box

We build your custom box filled with 4-5 high quality, age-appropriate toys that help inspire learning through play.

Delivered Monthly

A new box is delivered to you every month.

What’s Inside The Box?

Four or more innovative play essentials that will deliver delights, when you and your child discover what’s inside together.

Eco-friendly, organic and BPA-free toys


Level 4 :

For ages 11 – 13.5 months

Level 4 supports your child to study with purpose and influence to increase their memory and problem-solving abilities.


Involved in:


  • With an additional challenge, skills from level 3 in the preparation of Object with Themaneus Montessori subscription box.
  • Push Balls Set, which strengthens your baby’s fingers and palms.
  • Stable sticker, which manufactures precision and motor skills.
  • A set of 4 first puzzles, each with one shape, that develops basic STEM skills.
  • Pegbox, is one of Themaneus Montessori subscription box, which promotes excellent motor skills and discrimination.
  • Tracker, which is essential for preschool study, develops visual tracking skills.

Level 5 :

For ages 14 – 17.5 months

Level 5 challenges math relationships and adventurers.


Involved in:


  • Duck bridge toy, which develops control, balance, and harmony.
  • Multi-shape puzzles, which provide a new local reasoning challenge.
  • Curved dowels, which develop the strength and skill of the wrist.
  • Box with box, which develops working memory, and fine and holistic motor skills.
  • Coinbox, which offers experiments with geometry.
  • Mailbox, which teaches basic geometric concepts and new words.

Level 6 :

For ages 18 – 22.5 months

Level 6 encourages problem-solving and touch experiments as your child learns to imagine and implement plans.


Involved in:


  • Shapes on the map, with nine geometric solids that encourage spatial reasoning.
  • Bolt board, which develops strength, skill, and durability.
  • Language set, a classic Montessori subscription box activity used to introduce a new dictionary.
  • Motor planning box, which encourages problem-solving and builds strength.
  • Bead string set, which encourages creativity, precision, and harmony.
  • Sorting set, which allows from the physical sense of classifying patterns and strategies.

Level 7 :

For 23-28 months of age

Level 7 helps your child master and master their hands and core.


Involved in:


  • Push toy, which adds an extra challenge to walkers.
  • Dressing frames, which go from hooks and loops to pictures, go into buttons.
  • Cylinder drop, which encourages repetition and size discrimination.
  • An excellent platform for finding baking sets, steam, literacy, and life skills!
  • Color slide, which predicts your child as well as the results.
  • Decreased activity, which encourages health and patience.

Level 8 :

At the age of 29-36 months

Level 8 utilizes your child’s executive function, which is the greatest predictor of success in school and life.


Involved in:


  • Pegboard, which develops local reasoning and math skills.
  • Fabric winder, which develops wrist strength and function.
  • Fractional circles, which provide a solid experience with mathematical concepts.
  • Gluing Set, which teaches your child the basic skills needed to create artwork.
  • Three mystery bags, each with a specific theme, enhance memory skills and encourages tactile exploration.