Mother and Baby Subscription box

Mother and Baby Subscription Box

Welcoming a new baby at home is such a blessing, and whether it’s the first baby or just the newborn baby, the new mother can use all the help she gets from the people around her.


If a loved one is expected or has welcomed a little bit of happiness, get out of people’s competition and embarrassment by gifting a box of expert mothers or pregnancy membership. 


Providing a monthly delivery of some of the best products for moms and babies, Themaneus market has subscription services that cover everything you need. From unique clothing and children’s book, monthly self-care gift boxes that offer lots of pampering, there is no shortage of excellent options.


Whether you’re looking to send your greetings, join a baby shower gift, surprise your favorite mom on Mother’s Day, or treat yourself, here’s our best shopping for a new mom. Is a part of the box. 

How It Works

Pick your plan

Tell us your child’s age (or due date) so we can tailor your box. Our boxes are designed for children ages 0-4.

We Build Your Box

We build your custom box filled with 4-5 high quality, age-appropriate toys that help inspire learning through play.

Delivered Monthly

A new box is delivered to you every month.

What’s Inside The Box?

Four or more innovative play essentials that will deliver delights, when you and your child discover what’s inside together.

Eco-friendly, organic and BPA-free toys


Themaneus Mother and Baby Subscription Box


Each Maneus’ mother and baby subscription box comes anywhere with seven to nine items. They differ in everything from wellness to skincare to postnatal clothing and so on.


They come in cute packaging and include jewelry, face masks, cheap sticks, baby accessories, tea, and clothes to brighten up your pregnancy and postpartum life.


Themaneus, sends the mother and baby subscription Box  package on the 15th of every month. They are filled in according to the timeline based on your due date, so you can be sure they are relevant.


·        Customize 6-8 full-size healthy and fun attacking products to meet all the needs of your life!

·        Customize according to your due date! After birth, we will start sending postpartum boxes to facilitate your transfer.

·        Luggage includes wellness, skincare, maternity fashion, and other unique lifestyle items!

·        Mom is a testament to any pregnant mama, skillfully prepared, and a delightful treat.