New Baby Subscription Box

Monthly New Baby Subscription Box in 2021

From eco-friendly clothing to age-suitable toys, you won’t want to miss out on the cool material in the new baby subscription box for new parents and their little ones. 


Whether your path is short or he has recently welcomed his infant into the world, chances are you are acting like a housewife with any desire. 


Target runs can be helpful, but they can be a challenge when you are a newborn. Not surprisingly, they provide quality products for shopping time, playtime, breakfast time, and more.


Here is the maneus shopping mall for new parents. I want to consider catching up.

Overview about Themaneus:

Themaneus is considered one of the most popular new baby subscription box. This is mainly because it includes full-size baby products selected from basic parental research and expert preferences. 


Themaneus subscription box has the best consumer reviews, and experts create these boxes. That way, new parents don’t have to bother scanning reviews of children’s products for quality and reliability.


In Themaneus new baby subscription box, new parents will find more than four products, ranging from toys and books to clothing and body care products. 


The best part is the maneus secretly offers the creation of the month via an email before shipping. If you do not like or need the items listed in the email, you can choose another box. 

New Collection of Baby Toys:

Musical Egg:


Rattles are an important part of any child’s toy box, and all three of these shakers draw classics in the form of friendly, colorful animals. Fox, Al, and owl, and the Hedgehog each make their unique sound and feature textured rubber patches so that small hands can handle all of these tasks. Hold on to what they are doing.

How It Works

Pick your plan

Tell us your child’s age (or due date) so we can tailor your box. Our boxes are designed for children ages 0-4.

We Build Your Box

We build your custom box filled with 4-5 high quality, age-appropriate toys that help inspire learning through play.

Delivered Monthly

A new box is delivered to you every month.

What’s Inside The Box?

Four or more innovative play essentials that will deliver delights, when you and your child discover what’s inside together.

Eco-friendly, organic and BPA-free toys


A smarter Play Gym:


Putting your baby on an activity mat helps make belly time a little easier for everyone – and that’s the way to go to the Leverage Play Gym. Thought is based on thoughtful design and research; it grows with your child and encourages developmental milestones along the way.


 It also comes with a guide that takes you through the stage-appropriate game. The only downside, it’s not cheap. Love also has developmental play kits. 


Shake Rattle and Roll:


What is the first ball to move your child? The large finger holes in the squash, twisting plastic make it easy for the baby to catch and shake, and the inner rattle ball makes noise all over the floor.


At four inches in diameter, this ball is perfect for children three months and older to practice their motor grip skills and can be easily thrown into a car or diaper bag as a travel toy can go.


Kids love to see their reflections – even if they don’t understand what they’re seeing. Making a child-safe mirror (no glasses!) In front of your toddler can help promote their vision and provide plenty of fun while on the stomach. This mirror, on the other hand, comes with even higher visual art for more visual stimulation.


Play Melodies:

Forty minutes of repetitive music and six genres of make-up for great fun for small ears. Whether it’s playing or relaxing at bedtime, kids love to watch the friendly grass dance above. And when your child gets too big for a cell phone, the portable, stand-alone toddler separates the music box.


Themaneus promise, the products will relate to your family, be ready for your child’s age and stage, and provide a monthly supply to surprise and delight you and your toddler. In addition, we guarantee that each new baby subscription box will contain at least four great items and will have a retail price.